Do you have the Presidential Brand?


26 Sep Do you have the Presidential Brand?

This Presidential Election Season has created an experience like none other that can be seen as raw, aggressive and unpredictable. What started out as a Powerhouse election season encompassed of different people have now been narrowed down to two main candidates who represent the Democratic and Republican party. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Business mogul Donald Trump will go head to head this week to sway the American voter on why they should serve as the 45th President of the United States. For months, both candidates have used their experience, wit and tenacity to gain the trust of the American voter. Their personal character has been scrutinized and critiqued by political analysts and your everyday American alike. Day one on the campaign trails crafted Clinton and Trumps’ political brand, however their personal brand was established since day one of their career.

What can we learn from the Presidential Election season when it comes to crafting your personal brand? Your personal brand is how you appear to others; therefore, it is important that you build a strong brand. Once you are known to others, people will attempt to categorize you based off your character, expertise and or personality. How does one craft a personal brand and build a rapport for expertise within an industry?

  1. Be Your Authentic Self.

As an entrepreneur being your authentic self is important for the success of your company. Your company is a reflection of your brand and it is important that you establish a foundation of how you want to be perceived. Connection is key, so make sure that you are consistent with delivery of self to establish a strong sense of character and finesse.

  1. Establish credibility through your work.

Do you publish your work in journals and magazines? Do you speak on panels? Do you teach courses that aligns with your industry? The quote, “Your work speaks for itself” is so true when it comes to establishing your identity as an entrepreneur. There are many platforms that you can strategically use to brand your voice and showcase your expertise within a field. Conduct research within your field and choose channels that will highlight the expert you to be.

  1. Perfect Your Craft.

Remember that you are a student for LIFE. Although you may not have aspirations to acquire another degree or certificate within your industry, you can always fine tune your knowledge about your industry. Attend conferences, join organizations, and sit on boards of organizations that align with your industry.

  1. Network. Network. Network.

Your network is your net worth! Surround yourself amongst individuals you can learn and grow from. Establishing rapport with others not only grows your persona brand but can trickle into growth for your business.

How do you craft your Presidential brand? What is your platform and how do you stand out in comparison to your competitors? Do you deliver consistency to your clients? Honing in on your authentic self, establishing credibility through your work, perfecting your craft and networking are a few ways to build rapport for expertise within your industry. Consistency is key when building your personal brand. Shaping your brand will open the door for opportunities that will not only grow your business but will also sharpen and highlight your personal brand. When watching highlights from the Presidential debate this week be mindful of how Clinton and Trump and communicate their platform and present their Presidential brand.