About This Marketing Company

White Rose wants to help your business grow

You’ve got the perfect product to meet the needs of the customers, but how do you connect with the very people that need your product?
Marketing involves optimizing your product, its placement, price and ultimately the promotion of the product in order to connect with your customer base in the most relevant way. While there is no right or wrong way to accomplish this, there are more and less expensive ways as well as more and less effective ways.


Without the knowledge, expertise, and connections needed to best connect with your customers, you run the risk of investing a lot of your time and resources, without getting the return you desire.


White Rose Marketing exists to enable you to successfully build and grow your business. By applying in house knowledge of consumer marketing strategy and tactics, White Rose Marketing enables you to focus on your core business and we work to bring in additional customers.”


Bianca Y. Blake

Founder and Chief Strategist

Aminata B. Sow

Senior Marketing Consultant