The Art of Remixed Content

Remixed Content Blog Post

12 Jan The Art of Remixed Content

With less than two weeks into the new year, have you taken analysis of your content and thought to yourself, how will I create enough content for 2017? Could your content calendar use a little extra substance to attract customers that have considered your product or service? Fine tuning your ideas will give you the ability to remix your content and crystallize promotion on the correct channels.  Consistency of your remixed content will allow you to have more time to market your assets faster and efficiently.

With each piece of content whether it is a blog post, e-book, webinar or social media post, it is important that you strategize the second and third time around to place yourself in front of your customer. Maybe you created a host of related blog posts that can be optimized into an e-book or a webinar or a social media post that can be remixed into a short video with more content to support the work. According to the Content Marketing Institute content marketing challenges that B2B’s have is producing engaging content (60%) and producing content consistently (57%). As an entrepreneur it is important to identify a clear and concise plan for remixing your content. Doing so will allow you to save time, reach a wider audience and provide lasting value on the right platform.

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