4 Ways to Transform Your Business Post-Conference

21 Oct 4 Ways to Transform Your Business Post-Conference

Conferences serve as a great environment to learn more about content specific to your industry, product/services, industry trends and networking with other business owners. After days of sessions, speeches and trainings, you head back to the office with an overabundance of knowledge, new ideas and a pocket full of business cards. So now what? With all of the note taking, grand ideas and innovative processes you want to incorporate within your business, how do you prioritize alongside the hundreds of e-mails and project deadlines you have looming in the background? Implementing a strategy is key to transforming your business to the next level and following the tips listed below will position your company for success.

  1. Debrief with your team- The week following the conference, spend a few hours combing through all of the information that was discussed at the conference. If everyone on your team did not attend, consider typing up your notes and walking individuals through the most relevant concepts you learned.
  2. Review your notes and refine your goals- There is an overload of information that is presented to you at conferences that you may not be able to capture. Most times the conference coordinators will send a follow e-mail that will include slides and videos. Revisit the information and take a moment to reflect on goals that you want to achieve.
  3. Follow-up with conference participants- Send follow up e-mails to people you collected cards from as soon you make it back to the office. Commit to closing out deals, offering products and services or establishing and growing a new relationship. Be mindful that some relationships may not progress pass the conference however it is important to attempt to develop the bond.
  4. Scope out FY2019- What are your current goals and how do you want to refine or change them for the next year? Leverage the relevant information that was presented at the conference and incorporate it into your new upcoming operating year. Seek the input of your partner, team, board and/or mentors and leverage your network to help guide you on a path to success.


Strategizing after a conference will not only maximize your ROI, but it will also position you to take an analysis of how you are currently operating and to brainstorm ways on how you can perform most efficiently. Take a moment and share with us tips you have learned from attending a conference.

Quote: “For me, conferences are like little mental vacations: a chance to go visit an interesting place for a couple of days, and come back rested and refreshed with new ideas and perspectives.” Erin McKean, Lexicographer



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