Branding at the Olympics

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19 Aug Branding at the Olympics

The Games of the 31st Olympiad have created an experience with branding that can be seen as inspiring and life changing. From the opening ceremonies, to watching the games, the Olympic entity in addition to the advertisements within, have done an amazing job at branding the love and pride for one’s country and providing a forum of energy that resonates across different races and countries. Creating a brand for a global audience can be a huge task due to various global cultures, values, practices and customs.Human truths and familial stories have played a major role in setting the foundation for Olympic brand’s identity, position and personality.

What can we learn from the Olympics when it comes to branding our businesses?  It is important that your audience clearly recognizes your brand. It can be conveyed via a logo, a story or a consistent brand experience.  In order to successfully build a brand identity on a global stage, it is important to leverage a diverse team that will enable you to connect with audiences around the globe. The Olympic symbol, also known as the Olympic rings, is recognizable and consists of five intertwined rings which represents the unity of the five inhabited continents (Africa, America, Asia, Oceania, Europe). When thinking about your brand identity, keep in mind what your company represents and how you can communicate the message in a logo.

Although there are strict requirements that one must meet to compete to become an Olympic champion, the Olympic brand resonates with everyone.  Advertisements from companies such as P&G and brands such as Wheaties have appealed to moms and children, while advertisements from athletic companies like Nike and Under Amour have appealed to athletes.  If you have pride for your country or a connection with an Olympian, the Olympic brand has positioned itself to connect with YOU.

This year, the Olympics have done a phenomenal job at driving their brand via the emotional stories of the athletes, coaches and families.  How do you brand your company? What makes you stand out in comparison to your competitors? Do you deliver consistency with your claims, brand experience, messaging and logos? Consistency in branding and clear, relevant messaging is key to engaging with your audience in a way that will grow your business!

Whether it is a medal or a strong bottom line, we are all striving for GOLD!  #TEAMUSA








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