Branding Lesson’s Learned from the 2016 Election

11 Nov Branding Lesson’s Learned from the 2016 Election

It is three days after the Presidential Election and the American people have spoken. After more than a year of aggressive campaigning Donald Trump is the 45th elected President.  The journey has been long, exhausting, unpredictable and full of antics. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Business mogul Donald Trump went head to head yesterday to gain the votes of the American citizen and like any other election, someone triumphed; but how you may ask? Take a moment and view the Presidential political brand parallel to the brand of your business.

A political campaign embodies the same marketing tactics as your business; the only difference is that a business receives money for the products and services that they sale while candidates receive votes for the policies and ideas that they project. Observing the 2016 political campaign through the lens of a marketing campaign will allow you to identify the strategy that is used to gain votes for a campaign and sales for your business.

Brand messaging is the base of a business and politician which conveys what you stand for. Crafting consistent and simple messaging is a component of your marketing plan and important when connecting with your audience. When you connect with your customer emotionally, you gain relevance and strengthen your equity. Getting your customer to connect with your message and believe in your why will not only have your customer sold on your purpose but also your beliefs. Take a look at some of the Presidential messages listed below.

  • Hillary Clinton’s Message- “I’m with Her”.
  • Donald Trump’s Message- “Make America Great Again”.
  • President Barack Obama’s Message- “Yes we Can”.


Donald Trump and President Barack Obama’s message galvanized the American citizen whereas people felt a part of a movement. They were able to get the American voter to believe in their purpose and align with their beliefs. As an entrepreneur it is important to captivate your customer through a solid message that evokes emotion and establishes a connection to your message. Doing so will convert to sales just as it converts to votes for political candidates.

Review your current messaging and ask yourself if your customer connects with your purpose and beliefs. When you view the Presidential campaign through the lens of a marketing plan you identify the similarities between the two. Interested in re-crafting your brand message? Leverage the White Rose team for your strategic marketing needs.

* The campaign message comments provided by White Rose Marketing does not constitute and should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any candidate or political party.





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