Does your brand pass the Millennial test?

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15 Sep Does your brand pass the Millennial test?

Millennial:  Generation born between 1980-2000, has recently reached 80 million consumers.

According to the US Census Bureau, Millennials having officially surpassed the number of Baby Boomers within the U.S.  With the advancement of technology, Millennials are able to be more vocal than prior generations which speaks to their characteristics of being conscious, civic oriented and connected.  Many serve as brand ambassadors and influencers directly and indirectly for a multitude of companies like Nike and Express. With a buying power of $600 million according to a study conducted by Accenture, many brands have chosen to re-brand to appeal to a technologically savvy group of individuals.

With the facts stated above, what should you as a marketer look forward to gathering from this article? For one, Millennials are loyal customers and seek maximum convenience at the lowest cost[1]. Two, the age range of the Millennial group is so large that a uniform approach to marketing for the unique group should be avoided at all costs. Conducting research is important to having a thorough understanding of the specific demographic and for longevity of the brand.

McDonald’s is a household brand entrenched into society that many people love and dislike at the same time. In past times the company presented itself to families as an option that was fast an affordable, however although the same message applies today, McDonald’s now offers more options that appeals to Millennials. With the group putting off milestones of marriage and children at a later age,[2] the traditional family is not McDonald’s focal target. In addition to delaying specific milestones, the unique group is also known for being more conscious about their wellness. They are using devices like Fitbit and apps to track their caloric intake and find the healthiest foods. McDonald’s has leveraged this information to provide a more extensive menu with more health options that list caloric values.

As the largest group in U.S. history, the Millennial consumer is a force to be reckoned with. It is important to understand their behaviors, interests and aspirations to be able to market your brand to the 80 million consumers that reside in the U.S.  How can you successfully market to Millennials? Do you pass the Millennial test? Use the points below as a guide to marketing to Millennials.

  • Identify characteristics of your audience.
  • Cultivate brand loyalty by embracing trends.
  • Offer prices and services that provides convenience and a favorable cost.
  • Conduct extensive research.
  • Identify the lifestyle of Millennials.


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[2] Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research


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