Entrepreneur Survival Summit, Free Online Conference for Entrepreneurs

01 Mar Entrepreneur Survival Summit, Free Online Conference for Entrepreneurs

I had the honor of being interviewed for this conference and want to share my interview and the messages of over 30 other entrepreneurs via the Entrepreneur Survival Summit.  Below is a message from Sonia Thompson, Founder, TRY Business School and genius behind this free online conference for entrepreneurs:

When it comes to building your business, there’s no shortage of people telling you what you need to do to be successful:

Be everywhere on social media

Build a strong network

Grow your email list

Consistently produce valuable content 

Launch a minimum viable product

Don’t get me wrong, these are all effective strategies to grow your business.  But they won’t take you very far if your mind isn’t primed to execute on what you need to do to get the results you want.

So doing webinars can be a fantastic strategy for you if you approach doing webinars the right way.

Podcasting, writing blog posts, or going to live events can transform your business if you approach them the right way.

Connecting with other like-minded entrepreneurs and influencers can catapult your growth if you approach these relationships the right way.

If you get your mind primed and ready to think like an elite entrepreneur, it almost doesn’t matter what strategies or tactics you use.  Your mind will be well equipped to make any of them work for you.

It’s like a car. You can have a fabulous paint job, top of the line parts, and the sleekest aerodynamic design. But if you have a busted engine, the fancy car won’t get you very far.

Your mind is the engine of your business.

And if you want to build the company of your dreams, your mind has to operate like the well-oiled machine that it is. It has to be programmed to think like a successful entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur Survival Summit is a free, virtual conference that’s all about training you to develop the mindset of a successful entrepreneur so that you can build a thriving business, live the good life, and change the world.

It will get the engine of your business in tip-top shape so you can reach your goals.

I’ll be speaking, along with more than 35 other experts. We’ll cover essential mindset topics in three key areas: the way you think about yourself, your work, and your business.

This online event goes from February 29 – March 11.

Grab your free ticket for this conference now (it only takes 12 seconds):




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