Giving Tuesday: “Support a Cause” By Klickrr

29 Nov Giving Tuesday: “Support a Cause” By Klickrr

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global social movement that encourages people to give back by donating their money and or time to cause that they are passionate about. The initiative was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation and falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Last year more than $117 million was raised in online donations according to Reuters. We at Klickrr believe that giving to a cause is important and today we encourage our readers to choose a cause that you feel passionate about and give either your money and or time. We chose to give a scholarship to a student that attends Howard University. Below is a short snippet of her story with a link to her Go Fund Me campaign. Happy Giving!

From Compton to Howard

My name is Kiana Strickland and I am a junior Sports Medicine major from Compton, California. Howard University has always been my dream school and I have worked diligently to remain there. Although I work two jobs, the financial burden of my tuition is too much for my mother and I to handle. I want nothing more than to receive my degree from Howard and I am too close to achieving my goal to give up. Howard has inspired me to turn my love of service into a career and to work with Doctors without Borders when I complete medical school. The lessons that I have learned through participating in Alternative Spring Break and Jump Start for a Day have given me a new perspective on life and new avenues to help my community at home and those alike. My involvement and investments into Howard’s student ran radio station WHBC 96.3 HD3 and the 1867 Undergraduate Assistantship Program have truly immersed me in Howard and increased my love for the university. The culture and opportunities offered by Howard are unparalleled anywhere else. The Mecca has become my home. Please help me stay at Howard by donating to and sharing my campaign.  I appreciate your support and thank you for contributing to my dreams of investing in my community and working with Doctors Without Borders.


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