How to make a comeback in Business: 2016 Election Edition

17 Nov How to make a comeback in Business: 2016 Election Edition

With more than a week after the election, it seems unreal that the campaigning season is over. The attention of the media and people around the world has now shifted to focus on the 67 days until President elect Donald Trump takes office. Although President Obama has well over two months left in office, the American people are focused on the future and what Donald Trump will bring to the position. Now where does that leave Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Will she run again? Will she be offered a seat within Donald Trump’s cabinet? As a business owner can you identify a time when you experienced a setback? How did you overcome it?

As an elder statesman who has a valued and respected position within the Democratic Party, Clinton could very well run for election in 2020, however if she does, she should focus on the three points below:

  • Identify a target audience- It was evident that during the Presidential season that each candidate had a specific group of individuals that they targeted, however Donald Trump leveraged his power and influence to hone in on his audience. Identifying your target is an important component of a marketing strategy. As a business owner it is not scalable to try and meet the business needs of all people. Conducting the proper research to reveal certain characteristics from demographics to psychographics will save you lots of energy, money and time. Once you have solidified your target, it is important to make the connection with the customer, work to meet their needs and develop the relationship by being authentic.
  • Refine your message and make a connection. As discussed in our last article, one of the marketing elements that the Former Secretary did not master was creating a message and making a connection with her audience. Your message highlights what you stand for and is the foundation of your marketing strategy. Clear, concise and consistent messaging that evokes passion and/or emotion is important when connecting with your customer. Within the message, you should be able to convey how you are different from your competitor and highlight features of your product and or service.
  • Strategize how you will connect with your target audience- There are a number of techniques you can utilize to attract your target market, however understanding how your customer consumes information is important to understand. In a technologically savvy society it is pertinent that your digital presence is visible and that you are utilizing it correctly to reach your specific audience.


Analyzing the current position of your company after a setback is key to making a comeback in business. Work with your team and follow the steps mentioned above to position yourself for success. Interested in a free one on one consultation to discuss your business needs? Leverage the White Rose team today and we will guide you on which steps to take from a strategic marketing perspective.



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