How to prepare for Small Business Saturday

25 Nov How to prepare for Small Business Saturday

Small businesses are the fabric and foundation of this country, yet during the holiday season many local businesses tend to get looked over due to the marketing and promotion of larger corporations. For the past few weeks, there has been a flood of advertisements for discounts and sales for every product and service you can think of for Black Friday. With the overload ads, what space does local and small businesses have to compete? For the past six years, American Express has promoted and supported local and small businesses through their platform “Small Business Saturday” during the Thanksgiving weekend.

With free marketing materials, event guides and online ads it is important that you take advantage of the spotlight being shone on Small Business Saturday which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is not too late to get involved so check out the tips below on how to best prepare your business.

  • Visit the American Express website and get involved!

Registration for Small Business Saturday is now closed, however you do have the option to create promotional materials for your business on the website. Strategically think of ways to promote your brand leveraging the Small Business Saturday resources and promotional materials. Leverage the space to offer discounts and specials for your current and potential customers.

  • Use the hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday & #ShopSmall

Consumers spent more than $16 billion at small businesses on Small Business Saturday in 2015. The community of shoppers grow every year and one of the best ways to introduce your business to new consumers is to properly leverage the social media handles so that your business will populate in the tagged search. Utilize the hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday & #ShopSmall for posts leading up to and on Small Business Saturday. Strategically upload your posts during peak times on social media and post frequently for optimal coverage.

  • Communicate with your customers

Inform your current customers about your participation with Small Business Saturday via e-mail, social media and your website. Since it is a busy weekend, be sure to notify them ahead of time.

  • Support other local and small businesses

Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity to network with other businesses near you to support and possibly collaborate with. If there is a space for you and other businesses to work together and offer complimentary products or services for current and potential customers, leverage the partnership to work for your brand.

  • Prep Yourself for FY2020

Begin to brainstorm how you can leverage the Small Business Saturday platform to promote your business next year. Registration is not required to participate however it makes it easier for potential new customers to find you.

Be sure to enjoy the day and to take lots of pictures that you can leverage for social media! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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