The Millennial Takeover

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30 Aug The Millennial Takeover

Recently, we’ve noticed a shift in the way content is curated by brands that appear to be targeting a new audience, using non-traditional mediums, and delivering niche messaging.  Who are these companies targeting you may ask; none other than the Millennial Generation.  Unlike other generations actively involved in commerce, Millennials are constantly consuming and creating content.  Not only do they have influence, Millennials are plugged in socially and have an immense buying power worth more than $600 billion that is expected to grow to 1.4 trillion in the United States by 2020 according to a study conducted by Accenture.  This massive set of individuals that equates to 80 million that were born between 1980-2000 are leveraging technology to increase their ability to communicate and consume.  Millennials are willing and able to keep pace with technological innovations that provide benefits to their lives.  So how should brands communicate successfully with a constantly changing consumer base?

Creating volumes of lifestyle themed content and delivering it via unexpected mediums is key to capturing the attention of this new demographic of consumers.  If Millennials are a key target for your business, ensure that your brand’s key messages and mediums used to communicate these messages are captivating enough to engage amongst the myriad of other content being consumed.  Have you noticed the new advertisement for Jeep with NBA star Paul George?  Jeep has transformed the communication supporting the 70 plus year old brand to appeal to a younger crowd by creating an experience and selling a lifestyle that many Millennials desire. Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign which consist of personalized bottles was an innovative medium that was used to convey different messages. The campaign placed 250 of the most popular names and words among teens and Millennials on 20-ounce bottles and created a website centered around the campaign which allowed the consumer to order customized bottles, learn cool facts about their names and served as a platform to advertise dates for the “Share a Coke” tour. Making the product personal and customizable increased sells for Coca-Cola by 2% and allowed Millennials to celebrate and share their uniqueness.

Millennials are a group of consumers to be reckoned with and with the appropriate strategy, you will be able to properly engage with your audience. Approach the Millennial Takeover as an opportunity to build relationships and grow your business with a unique group of individuals. The journey to capture the millennial audience may seem daunting, but the size of the prize will be well worth the time put into creating a strategy.

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