Thoughts on Coke’s ‘Apology’

21 Aug Thoughts on Coke’s ‘Apology’

This is why companies need more Gen Yers and Millenials in the boardroom…what would be wrong with coke letting go of cola in the way that say Kodak had to let go of film? Blockbuster just wouldn’t let go of the brick and mortar stores and swore that innovation was the no doubt pricey move from VHS to DVD, see how that turned out. Coke just happens to be a mega multi-national selling sugar water which means high enough margins to be able to make errors like this and still deliver enough value to share holders that they don’t go under.

What would a solution look like? Sell coke to people who want to drink it…put a huge warning on it to make mom’s happy (note: this would make rebellious kids drink even more of it) and acquire some type of natural fruit juice company and make/sell kale smoothies to ride the health wave. Why not? Ok, so kale may be more expensive than high fructose corn syrup. In reality, I’m sure it is only because the fed subsidizes corn farmers which means just get them to subsidize kale farmers and voila!!!

What you don’t do is pretend like consumers don’t have a voice…pretend like this will go away…fake apologize to your millions of customers worldwide. That doesn’t seem like the best move. Everyone thought the Titanic was to big and fancy to sink didn’t they?!?!


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